A New People-Based Approach to Addressable Media

Download the product sheet to learn how Signal’s addressable media solution connects brands to real people.

Your customers aren’t browsers, cookies or devices. They are real people with real expectations. They view your brand through a single lens and seek experiences that are authentic, helpful and relevant to where they are in their buying journeys

The Signal Platform powers effective addressable media, allowing you to combine rich historical data with live, online, intent data to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time, all with a single technology.

Learn how you can use Signal to:
  • Build an Identity Graph

    Activate your data against persistent people profiles

  • Engage in Real Time

    Build custom addressable audiences that activate within minutes to follow the pace of the consumer

  • Increase Precision

    Target with the precision of email across all channels and devices

  • Increase Known Reach

    Expand your reach with our platform’s deterministic matching capabilities