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One tag does it all!

Rein in the chaos of managing tags and get your analytics and marketing programs moving. Signal Tag Management frees you from the limitations of tags so you spend less time wrangling code and more time innovating.

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Tag Management is free for Signal Fuse Customers.

Signal includes tag management functionality at no cost to Fuse customers. We believe that access to enterprise-class tag management should never be an obstacle to reaching your marketing goals.


Innovate on your own schedule.

Configure and update tags in seconds. Break free from the IT development cycle and manage tags on your own timeline. What used to take weeks or months can now be done with just a few clicks. Our workflow lets you easily manage tags whenever and however you’re ready. Instantly create a tag that you can preview, activate and deactivate, whenever you need to. No more waiting.


Speed up your site without losing valuable data.

Our Server-Direct passes data to your partners in real-time, trimming the number of tags on your site and stopping data loss in its tracks. It also smartly loads tag code without blocking page content so your users don’t get stuck waiting for slow tags.

Privacy built in, by design.

Configure privacy policies that allow users to opt-out. With global privacy regulation constantly changing, you need a flexible tool that doesn’t require you to take apart your website every time the law changes. Honor your customers’ choices around data collection and get tags in line.

Expert help when you need it.

When tags get tricky, we’re here to help. Our close relationships with your tagging partners and our team of tagging experts who’ve seen it all give you the resources you need to keep moving when the pressure is on.

Read how Signal has helped Mediacom streamline their data collection to unlock valuable insights that have increased the performance of their marketing campaigns. Signal Tag also improved user experiences, speeding up their website load times with efficient tag management.

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