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It’s Finally Happened: Goldfish Concentrate Longer Than Us

The average human’s attention span dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 down to eight seconds in 2013, according to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information.

That officially places us behind the intellectual might of goldfish which boast a full nine second attention span.

US-based marketing software company Signal’s senior vice president of marketing, Joe Stanhope, told yesterday’s Forrester Research Summit for Marketing and Strategy Professionals that marketers need to have a strategy in place to manage this shorter attention span.

“We’re fighting for a smaller share of a very specific consumers’ attention span,” he said.

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Rue La La leverages mobile user data for increased sales

When Rue La La wanted to market to customers who hadn’t purchased from the site in a while—what it calls dormant customers—the retailer turned to marketing technology vendor Signal, which recently rebranded from BrightTag.

Signal’s Fuse platform allows retailers to merge consumer data from multiple devices and use that data to run targeted marketing campaigns. As a membership site, Rue La La has plenty of customer data at hand because every time a consumer engages with Rue La La, whether on a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop device, she is authenticating herself with the retailer by logging in to her account, says Joe Stanhope, the senior vice president of marketing at Signal.

Rue La La was able to do some retargeting itself, but the time lapse from data collection to putting it to use in a marketing campaign was long. Some retail clients of Signal took up to three days, he says. With Signal, Rue La La is able to run retargeting campaigns in real time—in some cases, while the consumer is still active on the site.

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Chicago’s 6 Best Companies for New Developers

About two years ago Signal started to hear from a lot of great budding developers who had just finished Dev Bootcamp, Starter League or who were self-taught and freelancing but who wanted to be part of a bigger, more experienced team. “They weren’t quite ready to be hired as developers with us but we knew they had real potential,” Talent and Culture VP Lisa O’Keefe said. “To just walk away from people like that seemed wrong. So, we started our apprenticeship program.” Now, the dev team hires two six-month apprentices every four months. During the apprenticeship, the apprentice works on a small team of developers and participates fully in the Signal dev life (which means they demo their work at Demo Day every other Thursday, participate in code reviews, etc ).

Many apprentices start off doing work on the front-end and then move on to work in Java, node.js or to do work with the ops team. “Our apprentices come to us with a wide swath of experience; we’ve had teachers, artists, stock brokers, writers, mechanics, new devs who’d only worked in WordPress or PHP,” O’Keefe said. “As we grow as a company, we will continue to support and expand our apprenticeship program. We have a small number of developers in Brooklyn and adding apprentices there is next on my list.”

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BrightTag Rebrands as Signal

June 11, 2014 - The data collection firm heralds its new name by introducing the Open Data Platform.

Cross-channel data collector BrightTag has changed its name to Signal, reflecting its rebranding as a company that focuses on “helping marketers strengthen the signals between brands and consumers.” At the same time, it has introduced Open Data Platform that incorporates its Fuse product, which reports customer data from sources such as mobile devices, call centers, and physical stores.

Signal President and CEO Mike Sands says the new corporate identity is built around a marketplace need for coalescing disparate data sources into one easily managed platform. “Leading brands tell us they've typically invested in about 17 different marketing technologies to the tune of tens of millions of dollars,” Sands says. “But few technologies are able to talk with one another.”

A company release likens the Open Data Platform to an always-operative power grid that allows brands to wire together data collection points with technologies and vendors in their marketing stacks.

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BrightTag rebrands as Signal and introduces new technology

June 10, 2014 - BrightTag, a Chicago-based company that specializes in cross-channel marketing technologies, said today it has rebranded itself as Signal to better reflect the company's focus on helping marketers strengthen the signals between brands and customers.
The company also unveiled its Open Data Platform that will enable marketers to simultaneously collect, connect and act on customer engagement data across channels and devices in real time.

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BrightTag is now Signal

June 10, 2014 - BrightTag, one of Chicago’s tech success stories as a digital marketing technology company, on Tuesday will announce a new name and a new platform to help companies better track their customers’ behavior on mobile devices.

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