Signal in the News

Can publishers fight back against Facebook and Google?

Warren Billington, Signal Managing Director for Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, talks with AdNews about how publishers can implement people-based marketing to compete with Facebook and Google.

Start Me Up: Mike Sands ’96

Signal CEO Mike Sands talks to Northwestern's Kellogg Magazine about why constant innovation is key to business success.

Yahoo! Japan Has No Interest In Being A Walled Garden

Yahoo! Japan talks with AdExchanger about how Signal is powering their first-party data management platform, a scaled, real-time alternative to walled gardens that extends to 88% of the country’s Internet population.

First-party data: The new marketing currency

Warren Billington, Signal's Managing Director for Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, writes for AdNews about why first-party data is emerging as the new currency of data-driven marketing success – one that will power deeper consumer engagement.