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The Monday Stack: 3/20/2017

A partnership between Signal's Customer Identity Solution and Tapad's Device Graph together mean expanded, authenticated reach for brands.

Signal & Tapad Partner To Expand Customer Reach Across Devices

B & T announces Signal's partnership with Tapad, a provider of unified, cross-screen marketing technology solutions, enabling them to build an even broader view of their known customers across multiple devices.

Signal and Tapad Partner to Expand Customer Reach Across Devices

Signal's Marc Kiven discusses the partnership between Signal and Tapad, to expand the reach of addressable media channels and to enhance customer journey insights across touchpoints.

Ad-Tech Firms Partner To Expand Customer Reach Across Devices

Signal partners with Tapad, a provider of cross-screen marketing technology, to integrate in real time with Tapad’s media platform, Unify to help brands better understand their customers.

How Nova’s marketing and digital chief is battling the data deluge

Nova CMO mentions Signal's ability to use addressable audience technology to raise the bar on their media offering.

Travellers Want More: How to Leverage Identity to Meet Increasing Expectations

Signal Managing Director Nick McCarthy detailed how travel brands can use identity to deliver consistent, relevant experiences that create customer loyalty, and keep travel brands competitive.

Break through 5 common barriers to contextual marketing and connected experiences

Signal CEO Mike Sands explains the secret to driving more genuine engagements that foster customer retention and loyalty.

Why Identity Is Key to Customer Retention

Signal Managing Director, Nick McCarthy discusses why customer identity is the solution to challenges marketers face in attracting and retaining customers who demand better brand experiences than ever before.

What Will 2017 Bring for Digital Marketing?

Kathy Menis, SVP of Marketing at Signal, highlights that loyalty is a top priority in 2017, and why marketers must focus on customer identity in order to enhance experiences and drive retention this year.

3 ways CMOs can win the hearts of customers — and CEOs

Signal CEO Mike Sands says that if CMOs want to thrive in the year ahead, they'll need to lead the charge in building customer obsession across the enterprise.