Why CMOs Ignore Their Most Valuable Asset – And 3 Things They Should Do About It

As a B2C marketer, what would you say is your brand’s most valuable asset? Patented IP? Your beautifully designed and perfectly located physical facilities? Well-trained and highly-motivated employees? How about your customer relationships? Customer relationships can be a brand’s most…

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5 Steps to Unleash the Power of Continuous Customer Connections for Addressable Marketing

Do you work for a brand that encourages customers to regularly log in to the brand website or app? Or that uses a credit card or loyalty program to track individual customer purchasing behavior online and offline? If so, then…

5 Reasons Your Identity Solution Must Move As Fast As Your Customers

The phrase “a seamless, highly-engaging customer experience” is both a dream and a nightmare for today’s B2C marketers. It’s a dream because highly engaged, loyal customers are the high-octane fuel needed to power brand growth. In fact, fully engaged customers…

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Signal and Tapad Partner to Expand Customer Reach Across Devices

Signal, the global leader in customer identity, today announced a partnership with Tapad, the leading provider of unified, cross-screen marketing technology solutions. This global integration extends device connectivity for Signal’s clients across North America, APAC and EMEA by leveraging Tapad’s…

Signal’s 2017 Prediction: Customer Identity Becomes a Strategic Business Asset as Marketers Prioritize Loyalty

In 2017, identity resolution will become a strategic imperative for brands as the race for consumer attention and loyalty intensifies. Marketers will focus on making their customer identities both persistent and portable, providing the ability to recognize and connect with…

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Signal & Tapad Partner To Expand Customer Reach Across Devices

B & T announces Signal's partnership with Tapad, a provider of unified, cross-screen marketing technology solutions, enabling them to build an even broader view of their known customers across multiple devices.

Signal and Tapad Partner to Expand Customer Reach Across Devices

Signal's Marc Kiven discusses the partnership between Signal and Tapad, to expand the reach of addressable media channels and to enhance customer journey insights across touchpoints.

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Signal Announces First Enterprise-Wide Customer Identity Solution

Today, Signal announced the industry’s first and only Customer Identity Solution to offer instant customer recognition and reach across the entire enterprise. With the solution, marketers have the freedom to instantly and continuously recognize customers and deliver contextual relevance at…

The Monday Stack: 3/20/2017

A partnership between Signal's Customer Identity Solution and Tapad's Device Graph together mean expanded, authenticated reach for brands.

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