About Signal


Mission Statement

At Signal, our mission is building a new data infrastructure for the future of marketing technology.

For the past 20 years, the collection of customer engagement data has been reliant on web browsers, cookies and bits of code called tags and on data warehouses and time-consuming batch processes. Signal is the only company in the world to have replaced a legacy “tag-cookie-browser-batch” approach with a cloud-based platform and API connections.

In fact Signal has the world’s largest set of vendors connected directly through API’s to allow for customer touch points and vendor end points to all be wired up together on the same grid.

What we believe

  • Marketers should be in complete control of their technology and data
  • The industry needs new infrastructure to support the future of marketing
  • Marketers need a trusted, neutral partner in the industry
  • Consumer privacy choices should be built into every interaction by design
  • Technology platforms must provide the flexibility and openness to accommodate emerging technologies

The Benefits are Clear

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    Collect, integrate and take action on data from websites and non-browser environments — mobile, email, CRM, call center, social, point-of-sale, kiosks and more.

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    Take back control of your data and how it’s being used and shared.

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    Stream data in real-time from any collection point to any endpoint in your marketing stack.

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