About Us

Our Mission is building a new data infrastructure for the future of marketing technology.

Signal was founded with the view that the 20-year-old data infrastructure that supports global ecommerce is broken. We believed that somebody needed to step up and address the issue to help ensure that the digital economy stays healthy, so it can keep growing for the next 10 or 20 years.

Meet Signal

Signal is the global leader in cross-channel marketing technology. Thousands of brands and digital agencies around the world rely on Signal’s patented technology to transform data into insights and engage with customers across the web, mobile devices and beyond – all in real time.

Why Signal

Signal is uniquely positioned to address these challenges and power marketing for the next 20 years.

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No other provider beyond Facebook and Google— and no other independent provider — can offer the number of integrations, customer contributors, and data collection and integration capability needed to achieve critical mass for a new, scalable audience network.

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Totally Neutral

Signal offers unprecedented independence because we have no vested interest in selling media, data, payments, or technology. This translates into total control for our customers to manage their data and partner relationships as they see fit.

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Fit for Purpose

The Signal Fuse open data platform as built from the ground up for real-time, cross-channel marketing. The system supports modern technology beyond the browser, scales for massive volume and real-time processing, and all components are totally integrated.

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Privacy by Design

The Signal Fuse open data platform is only solution to support cross-channel privacy and preference management. We offer unique consumer privacy capabilities across devices and channels, and provide clients with advanced corporate-level privacy capabilities to control the collection and usage of their data assets.

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Global Operations

Signal is pursuing a global opportunity to make marketing and ecommerce sustainable everywhere on the planet. We operate a global presence and have feet on the ground to support current and new opportunities in all major global markets.

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Signal has already delivered country-level solutions for clients such as Yahoo! Japan, proving the premise of the Fuse open data platform. We collect, match, and activate cross-channel data at scale for the some of the most demanding clients and media companies on Earth.

Awards & Recognition

Signal is honored to have received numerous awards in the past two years, with recognition spanning our technological and commercial success, both locally and globally.