Lighting a Fuse to Instantly Spark More Connected Experiences

Feb. 26, 2013

Today we are proud to announce the general availability of BrightTag Fuse™, a real-time data integration product that connects customer activities across channels, on demand. To break that down, our new product makes it easy for marketers to bridge their online channels with their offline channels in a way that ensures the right message gets to the right customer at the right time. In today’s hyperconnected world, that means instantly and everywhere.

As consumers, we don’t pay much attention to the fact that our actions are disconnected. We might get a direct mail offer that elicits some online “recon” for more deals from that brand. While shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, we might check our mobile phone to see an item can be found cheaper. We share things we purchase on various social networks or call customer service to return an item.

Forrester reports 78% of shoppers engage across multiple channels. Every one of those interactions generates silos of data that have no connection to each other. To the marketer, all of those experiences might look like different people. To make those interactions relevant and capitalize on them at every end point has not been technically possible to date. Why is this a big deal?

Marketers who can master the “omnichannel” – the holy grail of unified customer experience across channels to drive engagement, purchase and loyalty – are in a position to unlock 10x customer lifetime value. 10x! It’s not enough to push data into a data warehouse for use at a later date. The omnichannel marketer needs a smart system to move data across channels in real time. That’s BrightTag Fuse™.

BrightTag Fuse™ is a natural extension of our tag management product. It takes our clients beyond where tags can go into a world where connected experiences translate to big gains for the business. BrightTag’s technology was designed for data integration on-demand since the beginning. Our vision has always been about a world beyond tags and we back this up with our patent-pending Server-Direct method of integrating omnichannel data through the cloud.

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