Expanding Our Relationship with Yahoo! Japan

Feb. 21, 2013

It’s been an exciting few months since we first announced that Yahoo! JAPAN had selected BrightTag to be its universal tag provider delivering the Internet giant’s full suite of remarketing and media services more efficiently to its tens of thousands of customers throughout Japan and Asia Pacific. Since then, we’ve logged A LOT of miles and have now set up camp in Tokyo where we continue to work closely with our new partners.

Today, I am proud to announce that our relationship has further expanded into a long-term strategic partnership. BrightTag has become the underlying technology powering Yahoo! JAPAN’s new Tag Manager product. Supported by a network of professional certified service providers, the platform will be available to all of Yahoo! JAPAN’s direct, agency and medium-sized business clients.

This kind of validation doesn’t come along everyday for a growing company like ours. It’s truly an honor to work with Yahoo! JAPAN, a visionary organization that understands that tags don’t need to be “managed”; rather, data needs a faster and more streamlined path to its destination. This faster path means data can be rapidly activated to drive both marketing and media effectiveness, leading to better overall marketing and media ROI.

Leveraging the cloud (versus the browser) is the future in today’s dynamic and fast-paced interconnected marketing and media environment. As with any paradigm shift, transformation does not happen overnight. But things get much more interesting when a partner like Yahoo! JAPAN embraces our industry’s need for change and the impact that change will have in supporting the future growth of their business.

You can read more about today’s announcement in our news release or by downloading Yahoo! JAPAN’s version (in Japanese).