A Code to Code By

Mar. 1, 2012

With any new venture, it’s important to clearly articulate the tenets of your philosophy and live it every day. This clarity of vision has the added benefit of aiding the onboarding process, and ensuring the team is aligned and shares common principles.

The vision for our development environment and culture was born way back when BrightTag was just a spark of an idea. As we’ve grown both the BrightTag team and the platform, I am happy to report that the original philosophy holds up.

For Internet posterity, here is the originally stated development philosophy that guides our efforts as we build a new integration platform for the digital marketing industry.

BrightTag Development Philosophy

We believe…

  • Code quality is more important that code quantity
  • Code must be peer-reviewed before it is committed
  • That just about everything you need to create and deploy a web-based application is best served by a free, open source offering
  • Open source projects are cool, and participating in open source development is even cooler
  • In quick morning stand-ups, frequent communication, scoping work to short iterations, and releasing often
  • You have to design for scale and geographical distribution from the very beginning
  • Your development environment should mirror your production environment: at least two of everything
  • That any network i/o call can, and will, fail