Always-on Recognition

Your audience is defined by the behaviours of real people, not browsers, cookies or broad demographic categories. Signal powers true people-based marketing.

Always-on Recognition

Deterministic cross-channel customer-centric identity

Signal’s advanced recognition and matching technology recognises and connects real people across touchpoints to resolve disparate devices and channels into real people.

Key Features

Pure Deterministic Matching

Accurately connect devices and channels by using unique identifiers that create exact matches. Signal matches IDs on the individual (not household) level to ensure person-based identity

A Custom Audience Graph

Match devices and channels using the IDs that make the most sense for your brand—whether they be customer IDs, loyalty IDs or hashed e-mails

Amplified Identity

Extend the reach of your first-party data assets with Signal’s deterministic matching capabilities

What our partners are saying

Signal is the enterprise solution that allows us to unify data across channels and use that holistic view to be better marketers. That’s about merging engagement data and cross-channel identity to deliver personalised messaging and more efficient targeting.
Stella Voutsina, VP of Global Media Operations & Technology, Dentsu Aegis


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