Cut through the noise.

Signal connects your customer data into a single identity.

Collect 100% of your customer engagement data.

Signal’s Enterprise Data Layer centralizes all of your data in one place across channels and devices in real-time.

Connect cross-channel signals into customer profiles.

Signal’s Enterprise Identity Layer aggregates your customer data into a single profile.

Activate customer profiles in real-time.

Signal’s Real-time Data Availability distributes data in real time to any measurement, marketing, or media endpoint.

The ability to view the customer through a single lens enables critical measurement, optimization, efficiency and personalized use cases. Signal Fuse is helping empower us to understand the panoramic customer journey.

Jason Niemi, Associate Director, Digital Engagements & eCommerce at Kraft Foods Group.

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Why Signal?

Cross-Channel by Design

Signal Fuse Open Data Platform is built from the ground up for marketing across devices, channels, and media.

Own Your Data

Signal’s independence translates into total control for our customers to manage their data and partnerships as they see fit.

Real-Time Activation

We aren’t simply creating another silo in your technology stack, but providing the solution that allows you to take action across marketing and media channels in real time.

World-Class Support

Signal is there every step of the way to help clients achieve cross-channel success.

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