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Meet Signal

Signal is the global leader in cross-channel marketing technology. Thousands of brands and digital agencies around the world rely on Signal’s patented technology to transform data into insights and engage with customers across the web, mobile devices and beyond – all in real time.

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Why Signal?


Tune in to your customers

More than ever consumers expect instant access to brands and real-time interactions. Signal provides the ability for brands to understand and interact with their customers simultaneously.

Reduce complexity

The customer journey is getting faster, more fragmented. Technology investment cycles are never-ending. Future-proof your marketing stack and end the clutter for smarter conversations with customers.

Take control of your data

Data is the lifeblood of marketing. It loses value when brands can’t act on it quickly or in the right places. Get the flexibility to control how data is collected, used and shared, from any source to any destination.

Introducing Signal Fuse

Introducing Signal Fuse

The industry’s first Open Data Platform that enables marketers to truly take ownership and full control of their customer engagement data. Ecosystem neutral and complementary to your existing marketing technology investments. Real-time, every time.

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Gain Agility and Speed with Signal Tag

The industry’s leading tag management platform that simplifies the process of managing tags on your owned properties. Instant integrations means fewer limits on your analytics and marketing. Speed up your website page load times for an optimal user experience

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Leading global brands and agencies trust Signal’s solutions

Signal Surpasses 10,000 Customers

8.12.14 — Press Releases

Signal Surpasses 10,000 Customers

Leading brands around the world select cross-channel marketing technology leader to create a next-generation customer…

Signal Enables SurveyMonkey to Manage Vendor Evaluation Process That Achieves 33 Percent Cut in Customer Acquisition Cost

7.10.14 — Press Releases

Signal Enables SurveyMonkey to Manage Vendor Evaluation Process That Achieves 33 Percent Cut in Customer Acquisition Cost

Cross-channel technology leader provides leading SaaS survey platform with a strategic tool for improved marketing…

Signal Webinar: Become a Cross-Channel Powerhouse

9.2.14 — Signal

Signal Webinar: Become a Cross-Channel Powerhouse

Cross-channel marketing is a goal that many have in their sights–but most marketers aren’t there…